Art Inspirations: ‘Isaac Mendez’s Paintings’ from Heroes by Tim Sale

Back when the first season focused more on using these paintings as the storytelling method, it was much more compelling than later seasons.

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niki jessica sanders + the scene in micah’s principal’s office
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heroes + faceless for sarawolfes.

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actual goddess niki sanders
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Welcome to the new age - a playlist for the TV show Heroes:

1. Injection - Rise Against // 2. This is War - 30 Seconds to Mars // 3. Human - The Killers // 4. Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // 5. The Phoenix - Fallout Boy // 6. Run To You - Pentatonix // 7. Ladies and Gentleman - Saliva // 8. Hero - Skillet

Listen Here

I gotta stop making playlists at 1am but hEY

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I rambled with the worst of them 
Fell in love with a harlequin
Saw the darkest hearts of men
And I saw myself starin’ back again

                           “Bartholomew” - silent comedy

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Heroes Reborn meme

1. Noah Bennet

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I thought that the relationship between Gretchen and Claire was gonna be a really great story line. You could tell that they both really cared about each other and I really shipped them. It was such a disappointment to have the last thing we see of the two together was them arguing.

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Heroes - Season 4, Episode 14: “Close to You" - Mohinder, Hiro, Ando

You can’t take Ando anywhere!

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colour meme; tracy-strauss asked: Matt/Nathan + 18
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