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HEROES; every song ever from the show, in order. 


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i will never get over the fact that the thugs linderman sent after niki were just chilling in her house, eating her cookies

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Heroes, first lines. pt 1.

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Heroes: Matt Parkman [ESFJ]



Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Matt cares a great deal about the people around him, from his wife to random kids on the street. He finds it very hard not to think in universal terms about protecting them all, even if it means sacrificing his own life to do so. He’s highly emotional, easily able to connect to, comfort, acknowledge, and see the good in others, but also very hurt when others slight him, insult him, or cheat on him. Matt sometimes makes decisions based purely on emotion that he comes to regret (leaving his wife, after thinking the baby isn’t his).


Introverted Sensing (Si): He is down to earth, practical, and enjoys the stability of normality. Matt is frustrated when his life takes unexpected terms, and often laments in his desire to “live a simple, normal life.” He uses a lot of his previous experience as a cop to help him with his newly learned telepathic abilities. He also finds it hard to overcome things that have happened to him in the past; when dealing in a situation that is familiar but tied to a painful incident, Matt remembers every detail with vivid clarity. He’s also detailed in explaining things to others.


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): His ability to read people’s minds is an extension of his natural ability to “sense” when people are insincere or lying to him. Matt is open minded enough to embrace new possibilities, not above brainstorming with others, and attentive to the potential outcomes of different situations. He becomes more open to his gifts as they evolve, allowing him to predict future events through his art.


Introverted Thinking (Ti): Though he finds it hard not to engage his emotions when talking to or about the people he loves most, Matt also seeks greater understanding into their personalities and how their minds work, which allows him to “please” them! He wants to know everything he can about his abilities. Often, his question is “why?” when dealing with new information.

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12 Heroes Superpowers ¬ [2/12] Precognitive Artistry
Definition: Ability to predict the future through visual art.

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zimmerman triplet tropes + niki sanders
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Post-Reveal: Military, Ethics, & Conspiracy Theories


Arthur Petrelli and Daniel Linderman met during a covert mission in 1968. It is here that Arthur learned of the existence of evolved humans when he was saved by Daniel’s healing ability. The U.S. government had sent a plane to destroy Au Co; when it crashed, they sent Arthur and Daniel’s squad to destroy the evidence. Arthur chose to carry out the plane’s order. They discovered another evolved human–Au Co, a young Vietnamese girl, whose ability to affect plant growth was the secret to the village’s bountiful harvest. The real mission was to kill an evolved human working with the enemy. 

It is dubious whether the U.S. military knew about the existence of evolved humans. For instance, Arthur’s report says:

I have decided to give full disclosure in this report. Although some might consider me crazy. The things that Austin can do [redacted] essential to the army.

Yet Arthur’s superior officer expresses skepticism: “Am I to believe this report, Sergeant?” Arthur describes the following experiences after submitting his report:

Silenced. Discharged. Ignored. The desire to [redacted] destroyed everything I had built for myself in the military.

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