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really cool shows: Heroes (9/10)

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Favorite Ali Larter Screencaps
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Heroes Rewatch | 1.04 Collision
Save the cheerleader, save the world

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Adam Monroe Appreciation Life [1/?]

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Sometimes I get really excited about the idea of a Heroes/Harry Potter AU like

  • the sorting hat not knowing where to put Sylar and it takes a good ten minutes before it finally settles on either Syltherin or Ravenclaw.
  • The entire Company being made up of dark wizards
  • characters with synthetic abilities being born squibs and then dark magic is used to give them power of some type.
  • Angela and Arthur pretending to be muggles in front of their children even though they are pure blood. They just like to confuse their kids. 
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Make me choose meme:

waynezelanski asked: ship: Peter/Sylar or Peter/Nathan?

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Adam Monroe Appreciation Life [2/?]

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zachary quinto tweet out for geeknation:

would you ever consider returning to heroes reborn at all?

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Heroes Rewatch | 1.03 One Giant Leap
Peter attempting to fly  on the playground

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